Sergey Saveliev

Top 5 presents which can be touched

The hot holiday time is coming soon instead of cold winter weather. St. Patrick’s Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day and so on – the list of great dates could be indefinitely continued.

What to present to your friends and colleagues who are far from you? What is the best present for reminding your close friendly relationships? Handmade sweater or may be foot warmer? Forget about things and souvenirs – they all are old-fashioned and uncomfortable! Nowadays the internet gives us a wide variety of presents which will always be in time!

We have prepared a universal top of original presents especially for you!

  1. All the gamers will always be happy by receiving digital version of a fresh game blockbuster. In addition you don’t have to choose something certain: just present your friend the subscription for on-line service PSN Plus (or Xbox Live). Then he will be able to have a present based on his own preference. Price: from 50 to 60 dollars. It is not so expensive if you want to bring a joy to somebody!

  2. Personalized domain name for e-mail address. You should agree that unique names of the mailboxes always look great. For example all the Russian internet users know to what address to send the e-mail to russian designer Artemy Lebedev: It is very easy to give such a present: just register even the most ambitious e-mail address at 10-60 dollars price.

  3. The Tittygram photo. The present for all occasions! It can help you at the moment when your time is drawing on. In an hour you have a unique thing: photo-postcard. A gorgeous model will be imagined there with handwritten congratulation on her butt or breast. The Tittygram postcards always give people joyful emotions and wave of acknowledgement. It is also a great tool for your advertisement and business offers. The price: 14.95 dollars.

  4. Your ideas have finished, haven’t they? We give you the prompt: you can present a parcel of the Moon land or name any Star in honor of your lover! Yeah, nowadays it is possible to do it in the internet! Such pleasure costs $50. But is seems to be worth these money.

  5. It’s time to tell you about the most extraordinary point of our list. It is unbelievable, but you can present your friends the ticket to the next incarnation of the Noah’s Ark. Cyclopean ship is being built in China in the case of potential End of the World. The tickets to saving ship are available to be booked or paid isolated!

As you see a good sense of humor or just some imagination can help you to sort out a really original present for the next Holiday. What to choose from this list? It’s all according what you want!

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