Sergey Saveliev

Tittygram Bot. A forcible argument in any holy war

Thousands of photos with different texts for any life case have already been collected in Tittygram gallery. Nowadays Telegram users have a unique possibility to admire Tittygram photos every day. The Tittygram-Bot was made specially for it:

What it can do?

  • -Send a chance Tittygram for your good mood every day.

  • -Find out the Tittygram by your text choice. It’s a very useful function. It lets you get any congratulation card for free. Friend’s Birthday? Hangover invitation card? We are sure you can find the ideal one you need in our album!

  • -Help you to order your private Tittygram inside Telegram attachment.

  • -Want to pass the time? Enter /random and bot will make you happy by some chance photo (don’t forget to come back after that and enter /random once again).

Now everybody has a possibility to use the Tittygram photos from our gallery in your daily internet debates and discussions. For example, just send to Bot the text “I apologize” and you’ll got the picture with it in a second!

Tittygram-Bot is a great tool for anybody who wants to make communication deeper and more interesting. Now you have a huge set of jokes and Internet memes! Today the Tittygrams are not just the signs on boobs. Our postcards give a sense of Holiday which we need in our daily routine so much. It is pleasant to realize that our Bot can make somebody a little bit happier in the world. Subscribe us!

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