Sergey Saveliev

Some unusual ways of using Tittygrams

Tittygram’s clients are creative and inventive people, they are good-humored and have a good phantasy. The more Tittygrams we make the more obvious it becomes. It seems to be impossible to find out more ways of using the sign on female breast! But every working day of our service shows us that the list of use cases isn’t limited by Birthday congratulation or advertisement message.

We have decided to observe some real cases of unusual using of Tittygrams in this article.

1. As a visiting card
One of our clients, proctologist, decided to make his visiting card unusual. He used our Premium service, chose the most suitable model and gave us several comments. When he send us ready visiting card based on the Tittygram, all our team applauded! As we know his business has been developing successfully since then ;)

Визитная карточка

Text on the visiting card: Lurda Stanislav Romanovich, Coloproctologist, Delicate hands for delicate places. 1. No! It won’t stop pain itself. 2. No! It isn’t horrible. 3. No! It doesn’t hurt. 4. No! I won’t tell anybody. 5. Yeah! You will feel better. Just go to doctor, bitch ;)

2. As music album covering picture
Last year one Austrian rock band “SHUT UP CLUB” decided to design their fresh release with help of our branded postcard. The photo was made by one of our best models. It had been a fantastic decoration on the main official web page for a long time. Moreover as we know the musicians decorated not only the covering of their album by our Tittygram photo. They also put that picture on the front side of their kick drum. We think that photo had travelled through all Europe!

Обложка альбома

3. Sign on boobs as political advertising attribute
Tittygram’s models have already learnt the names of the world known statesmen and the slogans of political parties. Such names as Hilary Clinton, Donald Trump and others had place in the messages of our clients in different time. Who knows may be those photos were included as advertisement elements in official pre-election campaigning.

Рост будет

4. As party invitations
This use case is becoming as popular as Birthday congratulation nowadays. Could we think about it a year ago? Today we receive messages with Friday parties invitations every week. Usually such photos are ordered by our regular clients. They have already understood how easy you can make people smile with help of Tittygram. Even when it happens at the end of a hard working week!


5. A universal Tittygram-meme
People want to write some expression phrase on a charming female breast very often! And we understand them! Such Tittygram photo has no expire date and it could be used again and again in your internet messaging!

We are carefully keeping observe each unusual order! We are very happy when our customers tell us the story of their postcards. Who knows may be right your original idea will help us to make the next Tittygram Top in future. Don’t stop your imagination!

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