Sergey Saveliev

«My goal is to give the happiness to people»: The interview with the Tittygram model.

Who are they, the models of the Tittygram company? Why do they make signs on boobs? How much do they earn? You can get the answers on these or those questions from the interview with the model of our service.

– Tell us some words about yourself: who are you? where do you live? what’s your profession?

– Hello, everybody! I’m just a girl from a small town of Russia. As it usually happens after graduating the University I understood that did not want to work in my speciality. Now I am trying myself in different spheres. I am always in the process of searching.

– How did you know about service of sending messages on women’s boobs? Why did you make a decision to work there?

– My friend had occasionally found out the service. The Tittygam was mentioned on TV channel “The Rain”. It seemed to be interesting for me. I got the idea very fast and sent a sample photo that day. Everything has worked out - availability of free time, photo-equipment and a big wish.

– Is it difficult or easy to start working as boobs model? Why? What was your first impressions?

– It was easy for me because of my great enthusiasm. It helped me to overcome first difficulties. Of course I had to gain insight the details which were not so little as it seemed to be. I had to carry out a lot of experiments. Thanks to the Тittygram Team! They always navigated us and helped by advice. Thank you so much, guys! Love you!

– What did the Tittygram give to you?

– It opened me the new areas of growing - drawing, posing, photo processing, experiments with letters. It also gives me regular development of creativity - our clients don’t let us relax and we thank them for it! Every unusual order certainly makes me go out of my comfort zone, but it is also the development jump! It could be some difficult picture, some special pose or the light. I always welcome everything new and have a passion for those clients that know what they want and give a lot of details and wishes. Positive comments give me power and energy. I want to make my best after such good words. When I don’t have any feed back I feel blue. My goal is to give the happiness to people. When the clients are glad I feel myself like a little fairy and my soul becomes warmer.

– How much money do you earn as a boobs model? Is it the main income source?

– The source is different every month. It depends on the numbers of orders. I can say that these money are one of the main sources.

– How can I get right your photo making the order? Is it possible?

– Yes, certainly! Just make the premium order and choose Model A.

Sign on woman's boobs

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