Sergey Saveliev

The science ballots for big boobs

In contrast to the common opinion the scientists not always research some boring things. They often put really interesting staff under their microscopes. The wants to publish a special collection of researches connected with female boobs, beauty and health for our keen readers.

1. The girls with big boobs are much more cleverer than it seems to be at first sight

Multi-year research of American sociologist Yvon Rossdale prove this fact. The area of Yvon’s interest - investigation of correlation between breast’s size and IQ level. The result of experiments was rather unexpected: IQ of women with big-size boobs are higher on 5-10 points than their herd mates with middle-size forms. There is really something to think about for men!

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2. Top of women’s and men’s failures by CREO magazine

The questioning among CREO audience was made to show the most unpleasant features of men and women. The failures of girls were: inadequate emotional intensity, mood swings, hyper sociality and dependency of people’s mind. Top of men’s problems consists of: self-admiration, untidiness, preciousness and football (!). You should agree that the last one is very funny.

3. Lack of sex can cause man to the death

It sounds like a false but who knows may be it is really some sustainable fact. A regular sexual life is considered to influence our cardiovascular system very well. A group of Italian scientists decided to prove or dispose this fact and organized set of experiments. Two focus-groups consisted of 18-25 and 40-45 years men were offered to stop any of their sexual relations during some period of time. It is unbelievable but 100% of participants were susceptible to heart diseases by the end of experiment.

Everything we have told you above means that signs on beautiful girls’ bodies give our clients not just an esthetic satisfaction. The tittygrams are useful for health! To say globally: “The more messages on boobs will be sent the more people all over the world will be healthy” =)

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