Sergey Saveliev

Why don't you like our BOOBS, Kim Chen In?

The statistics says: our website is visited by people from different parts of the World every month. Certainly the most of them are from Russia, the USA and Europe countries. People just search in Google some original presents for friends and come to us. We think a new searching phrase “birthday boobs” has come in sight thanks to the Tittygram.

It’s difficult to believe but the tittygrams are regularly sent by the men and women of Australia and New Zealand, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Iceland and RSA. The main page of our website was admired by visitors from African countries and Pacific Ocean lands. Nowadays there are only two blank spaces in the Tittygram map.

1 North Korea

We are absolutely sure that no one citizen of this country has ever visited and made the order on our website. May be they don’t celebrate Birthdays? Can it be true that there is nobody who likes woman’s breast and has the Internet access? We suppose at least one potential client lives in the North Korea! It is the Chair of National Council of DPRK and the National Leader Kim Chen In.

Think by yourself: a young man, World’s Pop Culture lover, Manchester United fan. We don’t believe he could ever had a bad attention to our nice service. Beauty is a huge world’s significance! Even the people of Islamic Middle East countries congratulate each other with help of tittygrams. We are sure our Korean friends aren’t against anything beautiful.

And we decided to present the Tittygram photo to Kim Chen In. We hope our business will arise in the North Korea after such an act =)

Why don't you like our BOOBS, Kim Chen In?

2 Western Sahara

The second blank space of our map is Western Sahara. But we aren’t upset about that because almost nobody lives there! Anyway if someday you travel to Western Sahara and suddenly need to send a message on boobs – welcome to us on

Western Sahara

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