Sergey Saveliev

What do the body signs mean? How did they become a perfect present?

It’s wonderful but there is somebody who doesn’t know what does the “body sign” mean even among the Tittygram clients. Today we’ll try to explain the phenomena of the “body sign”. We also will try to understand why was their coming as sure as fate.

“…Kakiye vaschi dokasatel’stva?!”

Schwartz is for the signs as a present!

As soon as people began to communicate with help of emails thousand of new ways of making friends came into life. Many of us chatted with occasional people on forums. Sometimes such relationships had a romantic character and we sent photos to each other.

How could we check if it was a real photo of a new friend or the Hollywood star? The way of checking was created very fast! It was enough to ask your e-friend to make a photo with message on the paper in hands or even on the body. The signs were created. Their first function was to check the reality of the person.

The first signs in the World

The first sign photos looked approximately so.

Many years later, when people began to use social networks more actively, the signs got the new ways of using. The encouraging system of likes helped it a lot. Regular users of social networks wanted to publish attractive posts that would be liked by many people. And what does the audience always like? Yeah, beautiful girls!

“…Aren’t you cold, pretty woman?“ Artemy Lebedev – protosigner

One of the first goers was the Russian designer Artemy Lebedev. In 2008 he made a regular rubric in his blog“Saturday’s boobs”. Female participants needed to take a photo with naked boobs and the paper with their nickname written on it. Now we know, it was the classic body sign!

Thousands of people followed the lead of designer. Everyone wanted to post a naked girl on his page. But nobody was interested in the nicknames of the Model — the name of the orderers of the body signs were there.

“What is a simple bite on buttocks among friends? Here, give me a nibble”

Make the sign on boobs, Druzhko!

Years have passed and many models’ communities came up. They were ready to make erotic photos with any signs for a small fee. Of course the models worked straight to the clients using anonymous web pages. It gave the key to growing of cheating. Orderers often payed for the job but didn’t receive anything (or received a bad result). The girls also sometimes were deceived when they hadn’t asked the pre-payment for their photo service.

Every year the body signs were becoming more and more immodest. Not everyone could post such a photo on his page. As for the models they tried to satisfy all the clients’ wishes and made more highly — sensitive (not always adequate) photos. In such a way the body sign communities became attractive just for the narrow group of clients. There were just curious pupils and several adults with a big imagination among them.

Like UBER just for BOOBS! Tittygram is the peak of the signs’ evolution

Tittygram service of boobs’ messaging was created in 2015 and the situation had changed. The Tittygram photos were the same “signs on women’s breasts” in fact BUT they had (and have) several advantages:

1. The tittygrams have special criteria of the quality. The clients always know previously what kind of photo they will get. Each sign on boobs that was made badly is remade. 

2. No banality! The tittygrams are nice and cute, not immodest and banal. Classical tittygram is a photo of a beautiful girl with a light background and a bright clear sign on boobs. Playboy magazine’s photos were always the examples to follow for our models.

3. The Tittygram payment process is a very clear and an official procedure. The clients and models are insured of fake and false occasions.
4. Tittygram had been collected the clients’ comments and assessment for a long time. We wanted to clarify the wishes and preferences of the wide audience. Thank to our great experience the Tittygram is worth to be as Apple in the world of boobs’ signs.

Well, yeah, the tittygrams are still the body signs. But nowadays it is the peak of the body signs’ evolution. Thousands of people have a tradition to congratulate friends with Happy birthdays right with help of the tittygrams. The sign made with love in the Tittygram has become an ideal present for an adult man. The ability to make a unique photo for 60 minutes, high quality of the photo, attention to the client’s wishes — all these are about Tittygram today!

Do you need the sign as a present on your friend’s Birthday? Here is the right address to come!

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