Sergey Saveliev

Sign on boobs which will save the World

As it happens the subject of charming boobs worries not just the Tyttigram Company but even the whole society of scientists all over the world. We have collected several funny news from the world of the science in this article. But please don’t be too serious!

1. Only that man who doesn’t earn much money likes big boobs

The group of scientists from Thailand has recently made such a bold statement. Several groups consist from different social classes and different aged people took part in that experiment. The conclusion was firm: reach men always prefer small-sized boobs. According to the Tittygram statistics over 39 % of the clients choose skinny models with middle-sized boobs for their postcards. And only 18 % of clients want the photos with full breasts. Should we make any decision relating to financial status of our audience based on these numbers? We think we should wait for some new research to confirm or to dispose such a bold statement of Thai scientists.

2. John McNamara from University of Bristol found out the most terrible fact!

John says that the size of boobs has been becoming larger and larger from generation to generation. For example the middle size of American women has increased from 34B to 36C for the last 25 years! The scientist has made a hypothesis that evolution of breasts was connected with modern men’s preferences. It means to put it bluntly that fashion influences people even on a physiological level. The society wants big boobs, doesn’t’ it? A hundred years will pass and everybody will have it!

Today sign on boobs attracts our attention even if we don’t want it. The most effective way to advertise something - to write the message on female breasts. Our 2-years’ experience confirms this fact without reservation.

3. Very bad news for Men

Anthropologists of Karolinska Institute have collected a disappointing statistics: the men have become more womanish for the last fifty years. It reflects on all levels: psychological (more feminine temper) and physiological (smaller size of men’s genitals). The scientists assert that in several centuries our planet will be occupied only by women. Or it could be some beings look like women.

But don’t worry! Keep calm! The specialists of are working hard to change such situation. If fashion or some preferences can make an evolution process of boobs’ growth we must not worry! The situation is becoming better and better with every sent tittygram! Women become more beautiful and men become more courageous looking at such photos! Do you want to make an act of kindness? Present the sign on a wonderful girl’s body to your friend or a colleague!

Sign on woman's boobs

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